Fillet Mignon et Homard

Filet Mignon

Chef Stephon, Red Steakhouse

A Holiday Surf and Turf, Prime Beef Tenderloin with Succulent Lobster Medallions, over the Chef’s special selection of Wild Mushrooms, Chestnuts and Seasonal Vegetables. Complimented with a Red Wine, Thyme Reduction.

2 Beef Fillet Mignon 8oz.

1 Lobster tail

2 tsp mustard

2 tblsp bread crumb

2 tblsp parsley

1 tsp thyme

1/4 cup wild mushroom (like morel, enoki, crimini, oyster)

2 tblsp chestnut shelled

4 oz. brussel sprouts

1 tblsp shallot

1 tblsp butter

1 cup red wine


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