Chocolate Mousse Cake

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By: Creative Cakes & Confections in Chinchilla, Pa. 585-0223


24 oz. Heavy cream

4 oz. Heavy cream

½ oz. Gelatin

2 oz. Cold water

9 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate

2 ¾ oz. Egg yolk

¾ oz. Sugar


Whip 24 oz. heavy cream to underwhipped stage-set aside

Bloom ½ oz. Gelatin in the cold water

Heat 4 oz. Of heavy cream to a boil

Pour over chocolate & stir until chocolate is melted

Mix 2 ¾ egg yolk with ¾ oz. Sugar

Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until mixture reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit

Add to the chocolate mixture & stir until combined

Heat gelatin until melted and add to chocolate mixture

Stir until combined

Fold chocolate mixture into heavy cream- set aside

Pour into pan with spongecake on the bottom and place in refrigerator until firm