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Bleu Tomato, Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass

Bleu Tomato

Frogtown Inn and 6 Acres Restaurant

Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass with a White Wine, Lemon and Dill Butter Sauce. Served with Grilled Asparagus and a Creamy Parmesan Risotto.

1 large ripe tomato, crumbled bleu cheese, steak seasoning or whatever you’d like, olive oil, basil oil, balsamic glaze.

Slice tomato in thick slices. Spray with non stick cooking oil. Put on grill for grille marks. Take off grill, sprinkle with bleu cheese. warm in oven to melt cheese slightly. Drizzle with basil oil, olive oil and balsamic glaze.

Chilean Sea Bass with a White Wine, Lemon and Dill, Butter Sauce. INGREDIENTS: – Six-ounce Chilean Sea Bass 1ea. – Blended Oil 2Tbsp – Seasoned Flour To lightly coat fish – White Wine 4oz – Lemon Juice ½ oz – Dill Weed ½ oz – Butter 1oz – Salt and Pepper tt

METHOD: – Heat oil in pan to medium high. – Lightly coat fish with flour and place in pan, let sear until fish is golden brown, flip fish and sear other side. – Drain excess oil. – Sprinkle dill weed over fish. – Add wine and lemon juice to the pan. – Cover and let simmer over low heat until fish is cooked 150F – 155F. – Remove fish from pan, place on serving plate. – Off the heat add butter to the pan and swirl to finish the sauce, pour appropriate amount of sauce over fish.

Grilled Asparagus INGREDIENTS: – Asparagus 6 pieces – Olive Oil 1tsp – Salt and Pepper tt

METHOD: – Blanch and shock asparagus. (one minute in boiling water, then into ice water.) – Coat asparagus with oil, salt and pepper. – Place on grill until desired doneness.

Creamy Parmesan Risotto INGREDIENTS: – Cooked Risotto 4oz – Parmesan Cheese 1.5oz – Heavy Cream 2oz – Salt and Pepper tt

METHOD: – Heat all ingredients in saute pan until hot.

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