Home and Backyard 12/3/2011

Copper Beech Manor Bed and Breakfast

Visit the Copper Beech Manor in Lewisburg, PA, for a delicious breakfast bread pudding french toast recipe. The Copper Beech Manor is a combination of graceful hospitality and historical elegance. Charming downtown Lewisburg is the home of Copper Beech Manor. It located on Market Street amidst great shops, restaurants and entertainment.

Visit Keith Phelps idea man extraordinaire, in his Mifflinburg home for Christmas decorating ideas galore. He creates "snowflakes" for his windows using items from the garden. His queen Anne's lace flower flakes make a great family project. See how to use household items to decorate your kitchen. Plus learn how to group your collectibles.

Second Season Mittens

Meet some folks in State college who make the most amazing mittens from gently worn sweaters. Their business is Second Season Mittens, and it's a great way to use sweaters that no longer fit, plus keep warm.


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