Power to Save: LED Holiday Lights

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Between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, Summer Street in Duboistown turns into Candy Cane Lane. Take a drive and you'll see thousands of lights for the community to enjoy.

However, all of those holiday lights can mean a very high electric bill.

John McCormick lives on Candy Cane Lane. He hangs about 200 strands of lights. Usually his electric bill goes up 70% during the holidays. This year he's made the switch to energy-saving LED lights.

"They're brighter and you can hook so many strands up to each other without blowing them out. The cost efficiency is 80 percent, they say," McCormick said.

And it's not just the people on Candy Cane Lane that made the switch. The borough of Duboistown installed LED lights on all of its decorations earlier this year.

"They're much more heavy duty. They're a little brighter, and they seem to last a lot longer," said McCormick.

"You've got tremendous energy savings with the LED lights versus longevity. They can last up to 40 Christmases," said Lowe's Store Manager Carl Wyland.

Wyland is the store manager at Lowe's in Montoursville. He anticipates big sales for LED lights this year.

"I think they've been on the market long enough for the customers to understand the benefits of LED versus standard."

McCormick said he spent about $450 on his LED lights. He hopes they will pay for themselves in the long-run.

"I am expecting to save at least 45 percent on my bill this year," he said.