2011 – Week 7

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Newswatch 16's weekly journey around the area at the local dirt tracks continues.

  • promo287721931

    District II AAA Track & Field Championships

  • promo288240083

    District IV Track & Field Championships

  • promo288744467

    State Track and Field Day Two

  • promo288829894

    State Track & Field Reaction

  • promo287794833

    District Two AAA Track

  • promo287808011

    District Two ‘AA’ Track and Field

  • promo287880092

    District Two Track

  • promo287966235

    District Eleven Track and Field

  • promo290990032

    Inside Track Week One

  • promo286599582

    Wyoming Valley West vs Coughlin Track

  • promo287203748

    Spagna Track and Field Championships

  • promo287894384

    District 11 Track and Field

  • promo287274824

    Spagna Track post


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