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Woman Wins $62,000 Judgement for Backyard Garbage

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There is new information about a single mother who bought a new home only to learn later the backyard pool was built over tons of household garbage.

Jeanie Pavlovich bought the two-story home in Vandling in December, 2009 in part because of the in-ground pool, as her daughters loved to swim.

When the snow melted four months after she moved in, Pavlovich discovered the pool was built over three tons of trash and 220 tires.

She had to pay to remove the pool and the trash.

After that, Pavlovich sued Ernie and Carolyn Smith, the couple who sold her the home before retiring to Florida.

Newswatch 16 has learned Pavlovich won a $62,000 judgement against the Smiths in Lackawanna County court.

Her lawyer said the next step is to take the Smiths to court in Florida to enforce and collect that judgement if the Smiths don't pay.

Pavlovich said she is pleased, but doesn't think she can replace the backyard pool, which was one of the main features that sold her on the house.

She added she cannot afford a new pool, because she still owes thousands of dollars to the contractors who removed all the garbage, filled the hole with dirt, and laid down grass over where the pool used to sit.

The Smiths did not return calls made by Newswatch 16.