Smokes r’ Us Dropping Bath Salts

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A tobacco store chain is removing a product that Action 16 featured earlier this month.

Bath salts is a powder that is legal to buy, but authorities say people use the product to get high.

The tobacco chain Smokes r' Us made the decision to pull bath salts two days after a Newswatch 16 investigation on the legal designer drug aired.

The Smokes r' Us" chain has nine stores in Pennsylvania, seven in our area.

Monday afternoon the Scranton store manager said the move was made when company officials learned just how dangerous this product is, even though it is legal, profitable, and sold at several convenience stores and novelty shops in the area.

The kind of bath salts we are talking about are made with a chemical meant to mimic cocaine and methamphetamine.

Nationally, poison control officials blame bath salts for at least four deaths.

Locally, most area hospital emergency rooms have treated people for being under the influence of bath salts.

This week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is expected to pass measures that would ban both bath salts and synthetic marijuana.

Lawmakers behind the ban on these substances said they expect bath salts and synthetic pot to be illegal to sell or even possess, before the Memorial Day holiday weekend.