Attorney General to Investigate Santo Volvo

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Newswatch 16 has learned the state attorney general's office is now looking into business practices at a car dealership in Lackawanna County.

It was last week when Newswatch 16 reported on the Volvo dealership accused of selling a wrecked vehicle as new.

Newswatch 16 received a letter from the attorney general's office in Scranton showing consumer fraud investigators from the state are now investigating the case.

Three years ago, Sarkis Tulaney and his daughter, Brittany, bought a Volvo they thought was new.

Paperwork reveals the car was in a crash in Scranton in which driver Michael Curtis had been drinking and in possession of marijuana.

Curtis worked at Santo Volvo and sold the car to the Tulaneys after the wrecked car was repaired and put back into the lot as new.

The Tulaneys bought it not knowing it was in a wreck.

Santo Volvo owner Greg Santo would not comment on the matter.

Sources said consumer fraud investigators are looking at two potential violations of state law.

Dealers cannot sell a car with significant damage as new and cannot sell a car with more than 5,000 miles as new.

The Tulaney's paperwork showed the car they bought had 6,200 miles.