Nurse Could Lose License for Snooping

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It appears as though a woman will be punished for prying into the personal records of a neighbor in Sullivan County.

In the wake of a WNEP investigative story this summer, Pennsylvania’s Department of State is taking steps to revoke the nursing license of Naomi Ryan, who admitted to looking at Mark Beegle’s personal, private information.

Beegle never got along with his next door neighbor Naomi Ryan, but still was shocked at a June e-mail from a friend claiming Ryan joked about building a bee colony at the edge of the property.

Beegle has a severe bee sting allergy.

“That’s not funny to you is it?” Beegle asked. “That’s my life we’re talking about.”

Beegle believed the only way Ryan knew of his condition was through his personal medical file at Guthrie Health’s Wyalusing Clinic where she worked as a nurse.

After a federal investigation, Guthrie fired Ryan. Paperwork shows her admitting to snooping on Beegle.

“You feel completely violated, to the core,” Beegle added.

This week the Pennsylvania Department of State moved to revoke Naomi Ryan’s nursing license.

The file shows she admitted to looking at private records of Beegle and his late fiancée to see if the Beegle had mental health issues.

Ryan has 30 days to respond.

She could lose her nursing license and be fined $40,000.

Mark Beegle applauds the state action, saying government has to take a strong stand against people snooping in to other’s private personal information but he is disappointed with another recent decision by area federal prosecutors who have chosen not to pursue criminal charges against Ryan.

She and her lawyer are not commenting on the case.