Paving Job Completed, 83 Days Late

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The fix was finally in Friday for a road that has been ripped up in Carbondale, much to the delight of residents and drivers.

Carbondale leaders told homeowners in June the road repaving project on Chestnut Avenue would take four days. Crews wrapped up the project Friday afternoon, 87 days after it started.

Pavers laid down the final coat of blacktop on hilly Chestnut Avenue and those living there watched it like a Fourth of July parade.

"Thank God they're here, and we're really thrilled they're here," said Joanne Jordan.

For most of the summer Chestnut Avenue was a hot dusty road.

Crews ripped it up in late June, hit an underground stream and stopped, forcing elderly homeowners to walk down a steep street with crumbling sidewalks, to the dust-covered cars.

"That dust really gets into your system. I'm afraid to keep my kids outside because there's so much dust," Carlos Aponte said last month.

"Anytime you mention Chestnut Avenue they just ignore you," Lou Sirianni also said last night.

Crews delayed work and redesigned the one-block street to work around the stream.

With the final layer of blacktop down people there hope there's no more dust.

Sirianni removed his poster that he changed every day to show how many days the four-day project really took. "Eighty-seven days. I couldn't get in the driveway. Lot a dust but we coped with it, I guess," Sirianni said Friday.

"It's a lot easier. Yeah, thank God," Jordan added, "thank God. It's a blessing."

Chestnut Avenue homeowners still complain about the dust on their cars, windows and even in their homes.

Many plan on fall cleaning this weekend, believing their own hot, dusty summer has literally come to an end.