Selenski Pleads Guilty to Escape

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One of the area’s most infamous criminals pleaded guilty Thursday to escape charges.

Accused murderer Hugo Selenski admitted escaping from the Luzerne County prison in 2003.

Selenski admitted he escaped from the jail using bedsheets but he said that’s all he is admitting to. 

“It was going on too long, it needed to be taken care of. It’s not like I didn’t do it. I’m in one day and gone the next,” Selenski said.

 Selenski tied bedsheets together and managed to get out a window.

 He was on the run for three days before surrendering.

 Selenski still faces a capital double murder in Luzerne County, accused of killing Tammy Fassett and Michael Kerkowski, whose bodies were found in Selenski’s backyard in Kingston Township in June of 2003.

 Selenski said just because he has pleaded to the escape doesn’t mean he will do the same to the homicide charges.

 “Absolutely not. Don’t take this the wrong way, there are no other guilty pleas,” Selenski added.

 He said in part he decided to plea to the charges because the county agreed to drop charges against his aunt for allegedly letting him stay with her after his escape.

 Selenski won’t be sentenced on the escape charge until after his double homicide trial. That is likely to happen sometime next year.