Woman Finally Moves into New Home

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An Action 16 investigates follow-up puts the finishing touches on what may be the longest eviction process in anyone's memory.

Newswatch 16 was there Tuesday afternoon when a 65-year-old woman finally moved into her Luzerne County home.

"Oh my god! Oh Jodi I can't believe it," Elaine Yankoski said of her new home.

Call it Extreme Home Makeover Luzerne County edition. Yankoski finally moved into the home she has been trying to move into since the fall of 2008, a home her daughter, Jodi Kuczenski, and Jodi's husband remodeled just for her.

"I love it. I love it. Jodi I can't believe it. I'm glad I didn't come here before," Yankoski added.

In June, when Robert Holloway was in the house it was dirty and full of junk. Now everything has been repainted and cleaned.

Holloway stayed in the house during a two-year fight against eviction. His frequent appeals, coupled with a crowded court docket, allowed him to stay rent free until a judge finally ordered him out last month.

Last week, a judge ordered Holloway to pay more than $900 in fines for trespassing on Yankoski's home, strewing garbage at the edge of the property and harassing Yankoski's daughter.

That's why renovations include a newly-installed surveillance camera.

"He's (Holloway) right down the street. He cannot resist the temptation to stop out front. As long as he goes by and doesn't bother anybody, that's fine but he needs to move on," said Jodi Kuczenski.

But nothing is going to steal Elaine Yankoski's joy, the joy of finally moving into her own home. "It feels great. I don't know what to say. I can't believe how it looks," she added.

Yankoski said she spent more than $4,000 renting an apartment while Holloway lived in her home rent free.

She also put off buying the home in 2008 while the previous owner tried and failed to evict Holloway, forcing her to spend two winters near Buffalo, New York when she wanted to be near her daughter in Luzerne County.