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Unfinished Paving Job Angers Residents

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A local government is slow to deliver on a promise.

Crews tore up a neighborhood street to build a new one but they stopped working after one day.

Homeowners on a Carbondale street thought they would be driving on a brand new blacktop by now. Instead, Chestnut Avenue is a dusty dirt road.

When crews ripped the blacktop off the steep, hilly street homeowners in Carbondale were told the job would take four days.

That was June 30.

"This is 42 days since they've done anything on this road, since the day they started," said Lou Sirianni.

"Somebody's got to be responsible, and nobody's stepping up to the plate," said Dennis Jordan. He added his elderly or disabled neighbors can no longer get their cars in their driveways. "Now I gotta walk half a block to get my car and it really is no picnic."

At least those with disabilities had wide sidewalks to navigate before they got to their cars, until about three weeks ago, when they started to crumble. Now they are not so wide, or safe.

Some complain about the dust leaving their cars dirty. Carlos Aponte, whose son has asthma, worries more about dirty air. "That dust really gets into your system. I'm afraid to keep my kids outside because there's so much dust," Aponte said.

"Anytime you mention Chestnut Avenue they just ignore you," Sirianni added.

Mayor Justin Taylor understands the frustration. "Absolutely. We told them one thing, the contractor told them one thing, and now it's something completely opposite," Taylor said.

He admits the city didn't get the job done in four days as promised.

The reason was work crews hit an underground stream and the contractor has to come up with a new plan.

"We're asking the residents for patience. I know it's very inconvenient. Once the road is done, everyone is going to be happy," Taylor added.

"They're doing a lousy job," Sirianni said.

People on Chestnut Avenue want answers and worry they will spend more hot, dusty days on walking downhill to their cars on buckling sidewalks.

Mayor Taylor cannot pinpoint a date when Chestnut Avenue will be fixed.

Some answers are likely Friday when the city meets with contractors.