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Illegal Tenant Moves Out

The tenant who refused to leave a home in Luzerne County even though new owners wanted to move in is finally out of the house.

He used court appeals. He hid from process servers and it helped him fend off eviction for one year and eight months.

Time ran out Friday for Robert Holloway.

He said nothing as he tossed some of his belongings into the bed of his truck, and left the home he’s lived in rent free for almost two years.

A judge Thursday ordered Holloway out of the Salem Township house but before deputies arrived he sneaked out into the woods, and delayed eviction again.

Friday morning he called deputies to accept the inevitable. The final eviction order.

“He is gone. Yay!” said Jody Kuczenski.

The past four months have been frustrating for Kuczenski, the home owner’s daughter, who found it unbelievable that Holloway could use every legal technicality to stay in the market street home.

The eviction has cleared the way for the home’s owner, 65-year old Elaine Yankoski, to move into the house she bought to be near her daughter and son-in-law.

“She’s pretty happy now. She’s kind of in disbelief though. (She said) ‘I won’t believe it till I see it,'” Kuczenski added.

She and her husband continue to make upgrades on the house, and hope to have Yankoski moved in next month.

The family has the option of trying to collect back rent from Holloway but they said they are not likely to do that. They just want to put the frustrating long delayed eviction behind them.

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