Selenski Guilty in Home Invasion

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An accused double murderer in Luzerne County is facing life in prison for an unrelated crime.

 A jury in Monroe County decided Hugo Selenski was guilty on all counts. He was on trial for a 2003 home invasion.

 It was a confident Selenski who walked into Monroe County court Friday morning, waiting for a verdict.

 “I’m comfortable. I’m confidant. I’m innocent so let’s let a jury decide,” Selenski said.

 About two hours of deliberations later, the jury found Selenski guilty on all charges.

 Selenski was on trial for robbing and terrorizing jewelry store owner Sam Goosay at his Brodheadsville home in January, 2003. Goosay took the stand on the first day of trial. He told jurors it was Selenski and another man who tied him up with flex ties and assaulted that night. An expert witness later told jurors those ties were similar to those found with the bodies of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett in Selenski’s backyard in 2003.

 Prosecutors said it was the victim’s testimony that helped them win the verdict.

 “Mr. Goosay’s testimony was very strong. He could not be rattled. The foot print in the snow that matches the shoes in Selenski’s home,” said Assistant District Attorney Colleen Mancuso.

 “I feel disappointed,” said defense attorney Wieslaw Niemoczynski. He plans to appeal, saying the use of evidence during the trial from a Luzerne County homicide case, for which Selenski is also charged, was unconstitutional. “This was a robbery case in Monroe County not a homicide case from Luzerne County.”

 Hugo Selenski showed little emotion as he came out of court, now a guilty man.

 “It is what it is. I’ll deal with it from there,” Selenski said.

 The prosecution said Friday’s guilty verdict could also be a victory for Luzerne County. Selenski is still facing a double murder trial there.

 “This defendant is very important to them and I just wanted to do whatever I could in Monroe County. It will be possible to help them in their case,” Mancuso added.

 Hugo Selenski is set to be sentenced in late September. He could face up to 150 years in prison for the conviction in Monroe County.