Jury to Deliberate in Selenski Trial

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Testimony wrapped up Thursday in the armed robbery and kidnapping case that happened six years ago in Monroe County.

 A judge has ruled the jury will not start deliberations until Friday morning.

 Day two of the trial for Hugo Selenski started with two expert witnesses for the prosecution.

 One testified a shoe print found in the snow near the crime scene matched a sneaker belonging to Selenski.

 He is on trial for allegedly tying up, beating and robbing jewelry store owner Sam Goosay at his Brodheadsville home in January, 2003.

 Witnesses for the defense, including two investigators, countered the prosecutions testimony, telling jurors DNA evidence found at the scene did not match Hugo Selenski.

 “DNA evidence isn’t relevant in an identity case from our point of view. We know that DNA evidence points to his best friend, Paul Weakley. That there were two individuals that were present and we have show print evidence and other evidence from the victim,” said Assistant District Attorney Colleen Mancuso.

 Weakley pleaded guilty to the home invasion in exchange for his testimony, yet he did not testify in this trial nor did Hugo Selenski.

 “It does not appear that Mr. Selenski will be testifying. It’s an absolute constitutional right not to,” said defense attorney Wieslaw Niemoczynski.

 Selenski’s sister and brother did take the stand defending their brother. Selenski’s sister, Ruth Ann Pollard, insists her brother is innocent of all charges.

 “He stays hopeful because he knows he’s innocent and he gives me hope because you know it’s sad, it’s very sad that this is happening to him,” said Pollard.

 The armed robbery trial in Monroe County could have an impact on Selenski’s double murder trial in Luzerne County.

 One of the prosecution’s expert witnesses testified Thursday the flex ties used in the home invasion are similar to ones found on the bodies of Michael Kerwkowski and Tammy Fassett, the two people Selenski is charged with killing in Luzerne County.