Selenski’s Home Invasion Trial to Begin

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In Luzerne County he was cleared of a double murder, escaped from prison and is now charged with another double murder. Now it’s Monroe County’s turn to deal with Hugo Selenski.

 Selenski is charged with kidnapping, robbery and a slew of other charges in connection with a 2003 home invasion in the Poconos.

 Wednesday his trial is set to begin.

 Selenski is facing charges that he and another man, Paul Weakley, tied up, beat up and then robbed a jewelery store owner at the victim’s home in Brodheadsville in January, 2003.

 The jeweler, Sam Goosay, talked about the crime shortly after the robbery. “One guy shoved a gun in my head. The other guy grabbed me and shoved me in a corner on the floor. I certainly would not want to go through it again,” Goosay said at the time.

 The nearly six-year-old case which is now set to go to trial in Monroe County also has connections to double murder charges Selenski still faces in Luzerne County.

 The Luzerne County district attorney said zip ties used in the Monroe County home invasion are the same ones used in the 2002 murders of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett.

 Their bodies were found buried in Selenski’s backyard in 2003. He still faces trial for those murders, but in 2006 he was cleared of two other murders.

 Back in Monroe County, according to court documents, Selenski’s so-called accomplice, Paul Weakley, is set to testify in the home invasion trial.

 Weakley pleaded guilty in federal court to the murders in Luzerne County and the home invasion inn Monroe County as part of a plea deal for his testimony against Selenski.

 Opening statements in Hugo Selenski’s trial are scheduled to start at Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Monroe County courthouse in Stroudsburg.