Prosecutors: Selenski Court Ruling a Victory

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The state superior court made a ruling Friday in the case against Hugo Selenski in Luzerne County and prosecutors call the ruling in a major victory.

 Hugo Selenski of Kingston Township has been locked up for years and his murder trial has been long delayed. Now it could be underway in the next 120 days.

 Selenski is accused of killing Tammy Fassett and Michael Kerkowski and burying their bodies in his backyard.

 Now, the state superior court has ruled that evidence from a Monroe County crime can be used in the upcoming murder trial, a siginificant ruling in favor of prosecutors.

 They said Hugo Selenski and Paul Weakley both committed the robbery in Monroe County and the same kind of duct tape and ties used on the victim there were used on Fassett and Kerkowski.

 Because of Friday’s ruling, Selenski’s trial must start in 120 days unless his attorney decides to appeal the ruling to the state supreme court.