Accused Killers in Luzerne County Court

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There was a lot of courthouse drama in Luzerne County Tuesday with two high-profile murder cases on the docket.

 Hugo Selenski is facing trial for the murders of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett. Their bodies were found buried in Selenski’s backyard in 2003.

 Selenski wants new attorneys and his current attorneys want him moved.

 They asked a judge to move Selenski from a state prison near Dallas to the Luzerne County jail in Wilkes-Barre. That’s the same jail he escaped from in 2003 using bed sheets.

 “All’s I want is a trial,” Selenski said as he left the courthouse.

 “He’s got some gall think that ‘well I don’t want to be here, I want to be there.  I want this lawyer, I want that lawyer,'” said Gerry Kerkowski, mother of Michael Kerkowski.

 She sat in court Tuesday morning and said the delays are frustrating her too.

 “It’s right here at the top of my list, the top of my list.  I have waited six-and-a-half years and that’s too long,” Kerkowski added.

 A judge will rule on the two requests regarding a change of attorneys and the move to the county jail.

Selenski said he understands the security concern at the Luzerne County jail.

 “They have merit to complain about that, I agree.  But it’s absolutely not going to happen again,” the accused killer said.

 Neither the Luzerne County district attorney nor Selenski’s attorneys could talk about the proceedings. A judge ordered them not to speak to the media.

Harlow Cuadra was also in the courthouse Tuesday. He too asked a judge for new attorneys and he got them. He is facing a trial for the 2007 murder of Bryan Kocis.

 Investigators said Cuadra considered Kocis a rival in the gay porn business, so he murdered him and set his Back Mountain home on fire.

 Cuadra’s partner, Joseph Kerekes, was also charged with the crime. He pleaded guilty to murder last week and was sentenced to life in prison.

 Cuadra, however, said he will not do the same.

Harlow Cuadra’s new attorneys successfully argued to have Cuadra’s trial pushed back from January to February of next year.


No date has been set yet for the Hugo Selenski trial.