Victim Notification System in Pike County

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The Pike County jail has a new system in place to keep crime victims notified in case inmates escape.

An email, phone call or text message will go to those victims right away if their offender escapes, gets released or transferred.

The Hugo Selenski jail break in 2003 is probably the most notorious escape in our area but when he got out, most people learned about it on the news.

Now Pike County has a way of notifying anyone who could be directly affected if an inmate left the cells there. It’s called the SAVIN system.

Of course escapes from facilities are rare. This is about so much more.  It’s about any change in the status of the inmate, whether they’re released from the facility or transferred to a new location so the victim knows where that person is. 

“Victims want to know and I think they have a right to know,” said jail warden Craig Lowe.

He explained how easy it is for victims to register online to keep track of inmates they’re concerned about.

“We’re very proactive in dealing with offenders inside the facility, getting the inmates ready to be productive citizens but I think it’s equally important to let the victims know when someone is going to be released,” Lowe said.

The instant notification about inmates is available to anyone who registers.

“Not just the victims but their families, law enforcement agencies, people in neighborhoods, family, friends, neighbors,” said records coordinator Lieutenant Charlene Williams.

The jail is the first in our area to offer the system but other counties are expected to follow soon.