Accused Double Killers to be Tried Separately

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Accused double murderer Hugo Selenski and his alleged partner in crime, Paul Weakley will be tried separately.  That is not what Luzerne County prosecutors wanted.

Judge Chester Muroski made the ruling, which was filed Thursday and lays out how Selenski and Weakley will be tried for the murders of Tammy Fassett and Michael Kerkowski, Jr.

Judge Muroski’s first order is that Selenski and Weakley will be tried separately; something the defendant’s attorneys asked for.
The judge based that decision in part on a recent state supreme court case. The court threw out the murder conviction of Beth Ann Markman in Cumberland County, saying she was treated unfairly.

Markman and a man named William Housman were charged with the same kidnapping and murder and both were tried together.

Muroski also decided to allow testimony from Michael Kerkowski, Senior, who died last year.
Kerkowski testified that Weakley and Selenski were involved in the deaths of his son and Tammy Fassett, whose bodies were found in the backyard where Selenski lived.

Judge Muroski will also not allow evidence into trial of a Monroe County robbery Weakley and Selenski are accused of committing.

Prosecutors said in that robbery, Weakley and Selenski used ties to bind the victim, the same kind of ties used to bind Fassett and Kerkowski’s bodies.

Attorneys from the defense and prosecution may decide to appeal the judge’s order.

If that’s the case, there will be more delays before Weakley and Selenski go to trial.

A trial date has not been set for either man.