Selenski Sentenced for Burning Bodies

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Hugo Selenski was sentenced Monday for burning two bodies in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain, but first he went face-to-face with the families of the victims. A jury acquitted Selenski of double murder in March but he was convicted of abusing two corpses.

The mother of victim Adeiye Keiler stood staring at Selenski in court and let him have it.

She called him an “insecure coward, a little boy in a man’s body.” She told Selenski that he and his supporters are “going to hell.”

“I know he’s a sociopath so why worry about it. He was smirking but when I showed him my grandchildren’s photos he looked away, because he couldn’t handle that,”  Forrester continued.

Selenski has been sentenced. The judge gave him two to four years in state prison for burning and breaking apart the bodies of Frank James and Keiler in 2003.

The district attorney wanted first degree murder convictions for the killings in Kingston Township, but didn’t get them.

“It could have been a death sentence. Absolutely. We all saw it coming, once he got convicted of misdemeanors we figured he’d be maxed out on the sentence,” said John Pike, Selenski’s attorney.

Maxed out doesn’t mean much. Selenski has already been in jail three years and he’ll be given credit for time already served, meaning at most he’ll only serve another year.

To Keiler’s mother, Sharon Forrester, the sentence didn’t matter much. In court, she showed Selenski photos of her son and his kids as she called Selenski a killer.

“It was very hard for a parent to sit and listen to what another human being can do to another person. But I have to get it together and move on because I have my grandchildren to take care of. I have to get it together and live,” Forrester said.

Victim Frank James’ cross hangs around his mother, Deborah’s neck.  His son sat on her lap as she talked about the sentence, Selenski and life without her little boy’s dad.

“There’s nothing I can tell him and I look at him every day and he looks like my son and I can’t tell him anything.  What can you tell him, someone killed your father?” Deborah James said.

“There are some people out there who for some reason want to be followers of this defendant and make him out to be a celebrity. I think she hit the nail on the head by some of her statements today,” Luzerne County District Attorney David Lupas.

Selenski’s legal troubles are not over.

The day of his double murder acquittal, he was charged with killing two more of the five people found in his backyard.

The district attorney isn’t dwelling on the first double murder trial defeat.

“We’re not looking back. That case is concluded. He’s now been sentenced. We’re now moving ahead, full steam ahead,” Lupas added.

A district justice will decide next week if Selenski will stand trial on the new double murder charges.