Man Sentenced for Jail Escape

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The inmate who tried to escape from the Luzerne County jail with Hugo Selenski will spend more time behind bars for escaping.

Scott Bolton was sentenced Monday. At one point, Bolton told police Selenski pushed him out the window the night of the escape. Bolton was critically injured. Selenski got away.

Now after all that, Bolton will serve time for the escape and Selenski will not.

Bolton was wheeled into the Luzerne County courthouse last month to testify against Hugo Selenski in his double murder trial. Bolton can’t walk because of injuries he received the night of the escape.

He and Selenski were cell mates at the county jail. They tied bed sheets together to escape in October 2003. Hugo got away. Bolton fell and was critically injured.

Now he will face two to four years in prison for the escape and at least seven more years for burglary charges.

Selenski will face no consequences for the escape. A judge threw out those charges because of a district attorney’s office mistake.

Selenski was also acquitted of double murder charges.

Both Selenski and Bolton were tied together at the time of the escape but have seen much different results since.

After his acquittal, Selenski was charged with two more murders. He remains jailed on those charges.

Bolton will spend a total of nine to 12 years behind bars for his crimes