Selenski Case Time Line

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The Hugo Selenski case has fascinated people in northeastern and central Pennsylvania since the story broke nearly three years ago.

Now with the double murder trial over, take a look back on those incredible days in the summer and fall of 2003.

On June 5, 2003 we got our first look at 479 Mount Olivet Road in Kingston Township. That is where authorities found the remains of two people burned and buried in the backyard. It was also the day the world got its first look at Hugo Selenski. Said to be surprised when authorities arrived at the home, he was arrested there on robbery charges.

Three days later, June 8, autopsies confirm the bodies found are those of Wyoming County pharmacist Michael Kerkowski and his girlfriend, Tammy Fassett. Both disappeared after Kerkowski failed to show up for a court hearing on drug charges. It turns out Selenski and Kerkowski were friends.

Five days after the probe began authorities confirmed the remains of three more people were found on the property in Kingston Township. Two were identified as suspected drug dealers Frank James and Adeiye Keiler. The third was never positively identified.

Four months later, on October 6, Hugo Selenski was formally charged with the murders of Keiler and James. H was sent back to the Luzerne County jail but he didn’t stay for long.

Just days after being charged with murder Selenski escapee from the jail in Wilkes-Barre. Using a string of bed sheets, and helped by a fellow inmate who was seriously injured in the break-out, Selenski got away and his story makes headlines around the world.

Three days after the escape, October 13, Selenski turned himself in to authorities. He was taken to the state prison in Dallas where he remained until his trial began.