Testimony Ends in Selenski Trial

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The defense rested Thursday morning in the Hugo Selenski double murder trial. Selenski decided not to take the stand and testify in his own defense.

 Selenski is accused of gunning down two drug dealers at his home in Kingston Township near Dallas in 2003 and burning the bodies.

The prosecution took a week presenting it’s witnesses. Hugo Selenski’s defense needed only two-and-a-half hours.

Starting day one of the trial, defense attorney Demetrius Fannick launched an attack on Pat Russin’s credibility. Russin told the jury he saw Selenski kill Adieye Kieler and Frank James. He’s the only witness.

 On Thursday, Fannick called prison inmate Joseph Simpson to the stand. His cell was right next to Russin’s. He was one of several witnesses to cast doubt on Russin’s honesty.

 Simpson told Newswatch 16 what he told the jury.

 “Pat told me he was lying…He told me he was trying to get less time with the Feds. (His nickname in prison is) Pat the Rat…No one should believe Pat,” said Simpson.

 Russin testified that Selenski shot the victims outside his home in Kingston Township. Then Russin said he and Selenski built a huge fire to burn the bodies, a fire with thick black smoke.

 Selenski’s next-door neighbor Ben Huffard also testified Thursday.  He and his wife claim they never heard shotgun shots that night and saw no signs of a fire.

 “It doesn’t look like they have concrete evidence, looks like he was set up or something…What kind of neighbor was Hugo? He was nice guy, had cook outs, this and that, that’s about it,”  said Huffard.

 There was an extra-long line outside the courtroom Thursday of people wanting to get in, on the chance that Selenski might testify on his own behalf. Selenski said he talked with his attorney and decided not to testify.

 There are no court proceedings Friday. Closing arguments are Monday at 8 a.m.