Legal Wrangling, Emotion at Selenski Trial

More experts took the stand Tuesday in the Hugo Selenski double murder trial in Wilkes-Barre.

Tuesday’s testimony contradicted that of a key prosecution witness.

The prosecution is trying to prove that Hugo Selenski used a shotgun to kill Adeiye Keiler and Frank James in 2003.

On Monday, Dr. Michael Baden told the jury he found shotgun pellets in a bone fragment discovered at Selenski’s property. Tuesday, an FBI expert testified he’s not sure the metal parts found are pellets. It’s important because it is the only evidence of a shotgun shooting at the Kingston Township location.

It led to a battle among the lawyers and more drama witnessed in court by the victims’ families.

“I believe in the system and I hope we’ll have a fair trial, and that’s what I need, a fair trial,” said Sharon Forrester. She carries with her photos of her grandchildren, Adeiye Keiler’s son and daughter.  She is raising them now that her son is dead.

She said she is tired of hearing Keiler constantly referred to only as a drug dealer. “I don’t care what anyone says, that’s my son. And nobody has the right to take my son’s life,” said Forrester.

Forrester and other family members have listened to graphic testimony of how the bodies of Keiler and Frank James were burned then broken apart at Selenski’s home.

Also on Tuesday, 2-year-old Anthony James was in court. He is Frank James’ son. He was born only days before his dad’s death. James’ girlfriend Joritta Bradford was a witness for the prosecution last week. She testified she last saw James the day Anthony came home from the hospital.

“It’s very hard, I cry every night. Every single night I cry looking at my son. Knowing he’s going to grow up without a father,” lamented Bradford. “You know that name called Hugo? Hugo to Hell. That’s the way I feel about him.  He’s a liar.  He knows what he did. He knows.”

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